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Äni is a Finnish visual artist with a wide range of visual interpretative skills.

She is best known for her autobiographical comic and art exhibition My Rosy Road as well as her live art on various occasions.

Äni has created art for many people, public spaces and businesses over her 5-year artist career. Including multinational companies such as American Express Meetings & Events and Microsoft.

She mixes and uses:

  • Traditional painting & drawing technigues. Commonly painting with acrylics, inks, watercolors or alcohol inks.

  • Material choises with self printed or self made solutions.

  • Sculpting with ceramics. Inspired and using anchient Japanese Kintsugi and Raku technigues.

  • Digital graphics and illustrations using raster & vector format. Typically for visual communication, branding, image-, animation- and video-productions.

    For every work she chooses the best artistic process and approach for the message, value and art to manifest.

    Sustainability, bold honesty, agility, and common wellbeing -values are close to her creativity. Embracing the characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetics and finding fullfilment in the heart of the process.


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